Nowadays, having an international certification is important both at work level and for reasons of study or citizenship.

You can take the Linguaskill, TOEFL or SIELE exams at the school

All these exams are multilevel tests, which means that a score corresponding to one’s linguistic knowledge will be assigned, i.e. the student will never fail.

Here below we explain the exams that are carried out in our school:

Multilevel English exam (USA)

270,00 €

Duration: 4 hours

Business also available

Multilevel English exam (UK)

170,00 €

Duration: 2:30 hours

Business also available

Multilevel Spanish exam 

165,00 €

Duration: 3:30 hours


For more information on the services for companies Accademia Linguistica “Scuola Interpreti di Brescia” can offer, call us on 030 3755079 or write to us using the form alongside.


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