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The Scuola Interpreti of Brescia, was founded in 1954, as an educational institute dedicated to the teaching of foreign languages. The teaching staff are all mother tongue of proven experience and carefully selected.
From the very beginning the translating and interpreting centre was constituted alongside the teaching activity units. The enhancement of international trade and relations consequentially brought forward a higher degree of expertise, which was readily made available to all didactic levels.
Our staff are expert translators capable of translating into and from all languages.
Our numerous references comprise Corporations, Associations, Institutes of Legal Authority, Trade Fairs, Conferences, Banks, etc.... All have made continuous use of our services during the many years of activity and clearly indicate the seriousness and discreetness of our professionalism.

Viale Stazione, 37 - 25122 Brescia
Tel. 030/3755079 - 292532 - Fax 030/292532